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Loan Needed but you are Blacklisted? Your Options

Do you find yourself with a bad credit record? Have you been blacklisted by a credit provider? These are common things to happen to so many of us in South Africa and there comes a time for many people that although their financial history may look a little poor, they now need to borrow … [Read More...]

Loans to Start a Business with a Bad Credit History

You are not alone if you have a bad credit record in South Africa. In fact it is a lot more common than you may have thought and many people who find themselves with a not too favorable financial history are looking to begin a business and needing to borrow the funds to get started. … [Read More...]

Get Blacklisted Car Finance at SA Motor Loan Providers

Public transport for a lot of people living in South Africa is a nightmare and when you have an important meeting to get to or even a day to day job you need to make sure you are punctual on a regular basis. This means that most of us need to have our own vehicle. It also means that we … [Read More...]

Cash Loans for SA People under Debt Review

If you are in the process of debt review or are thinking about getting help from the services of a financial counselor then honestly the last thing you should be considering is borrowing more cash! It would be irresponsible of us as the owners of this public domain to offer information on … [Read More...]

Beware: Work From Home Opportunity Scams

Beware of scam work from home opportunities especially those that ask you for your banking details and or identification number before commencing work for them. The economic recession has increased the number of people who need to earn money quickly which has created a huge gap for people … [Read More...]